Arabic Language Program

At The Language Centre, Ziauddin University, we offer Language courses from beginning through to advanced level; these are designed for ZU students and the public to facilitate people with development of their linguistic skills and competencies in different languages. These short courses aim to empower learners with three language competencies i.e. linguistic competence, communicative competence, and socio-cultural competence.

Learn Arabic with Ziauddin University

The Language Centre is now offering courses in Arabic language (Easy to Advanced level) led by a highly trained faculty member with a wide exposure to the Arab world. Through a wide use of modern technology in a conducive setting needed for these short courses, we strive to make the process of learning Arabic easier for the participants.

Who can join us?

These courses will benefit those who are interested in understanding seminal religious texts, including Qur’an and Hadith. Government employees and employees from other professions or call centres where it is their job sometimes to cater to clients communicating in Arabic can also benefit from these short courses. People going abroad, especially to Arab countries with a prerequisite of knowing the use of some Arabic, can also get themselves enrolled in any of these courses following the eligibility criteria.

Duration and Levels

Our courses are divided into five different levels, suiting the needs of different people with different interests. Each level will be of 36 hours (3 hours per week over 12 weeks). Following are the four levels with their specific details out of which you may choose one to start learning Arabic with us:

Level 1- Beginner: This level is for those who have little or no prior knowledge of the linguistic features of the Arabic language. By the end of  this level, learners will be able to attend and participate in expected conversations or discussions. This level also prepares you for the basic use of Arabic language if you are planning to go to any Middle-Eastern or an Arab country anytime soon.

Level 2- Pre-intermediate: This level is for those who have a basic knowledge of Arabic as a language and can make its use in certain given situations with minimal assistance. By the end of this level, learners will be able to comprehend the spoken and written language of the widely used dialect of Arabic using rules of basic Arabic grammatical constructions. This level also prepares its learners for the basic understanding of the scriptural or other texts including Qur’an and Hadith written in Arabic through hands-on exercises and practice sessions.

Level 3- Intermediate: This level targets people with a complete understanding of the main dialect of basic Arabic grammatical structures. Participants will be able to listen, speak, read and write in Arabic fluently without any obvious linguistic barriers after attending this level. This level advances the fluency rate of participants by introducing them to some seminal religious texts in Arabic in more detail.

Level 4- Advanced: This level exclusively focuses on the speaking and writing skills of learners by employing advanced teaching methods and/or strategies. This level particularly targets scholars for academic purposes.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

Through our cutting-edge methodology of teaching languages at TLC, we strive to achieve our prime goal of facilitating our students in the best way possible. During these courses, a special attention will be given to participants using all four communication skills. Through the use of hands-on exercises and class participation, participants’ understanding and application of the language will be ensured. Reading and listening to dialogues from real-life situations will be part of the class activities to increase the rate of participants’ fluency. To ensure the progress of students, especially joining the beginner level, the course instructor will also help students with drilling exercises.

Teaching Materials:

We use the famous book for Arabic Language Al-Arabia-bin-Yadik Series and other materials provided from the TLC with cost.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Anyone with a minimum  qualification of intermediate can get themselves enrolled in first three levels
  • Students with a minimum of two or four years Bachelor’s degree can attend the 4th level
  •  A test to assess the intended level of students will be conducted except level 1. The learner will be admitted in the course suiting his needs after his/her assessment

Fee Structure

 20,000 for outsiders and 15,000 for ZU students and staff.

Discount in the Fee

  •  A group of five participants joining together will be given 25% concession from the total amount of the fee
  • Blood relations such as father-son, husband-wife, brother-sister joining together in the same course will also be given 25 percent off in the shared fee structure

Our Schedule

The time allotted for teaching the program is as follows:

  1. Weekdays:Tuesday and Thursday 1.5 hours (3.00-4.30 pm)
  2. Weekend -Saturdays- 3 hours (9.30-12.30 pm)

About the Facilitator 

Mr. Muhammad Taqi attained his Master’s degree in Arabic from the University of Karachi and gained sufficient knowledge of Arabic literature and language in Arabic medium from Islamic education institutions located in Iraq and Iran.

He has been teaching the Arabic Language both spoken and classical for the past 15 years to different Islamic researchers, professors and students from institutions such as Virginia University, America; University of Karachi, Federal Urdu University, Karachi; Habib University, Karachi; Imam Hussain Foundation, Karachi; Jamia Imamia and Al-Mustafa International University, Karachi Chapter. However, his work experience is not limited to teaching. He worked as an Arabic content writer at VectraCom Pvt. Ltd, Karachi and is known for translating the following: various articles and books on different topics such as history and ideology, the Friday Sermon for many scholars from Iraq and Lebanon and an Arabic movie, “Babul Al-Murad”.

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