Message From The Dean

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences aims to develop empowered individuals able to deal with the complexities of life and society in the 21st century using critical thinking, communication skills and a problem-solving approach. The programs offered encourage students to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to access available knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their personal interests and future life aspirations.  For example, we are happy to see a student majoring in Visual or Arts study Biology, Psychology and Anatomy as electives, and apply the knowledge and skills thus gained, to the study of the human form in works of art.  We believe that this interdisciplinary approach fosters the development of a holistic understanding and appreciation of the world around us, and helps nurture the graduates’ skills and abilities to analyze in-depth complex human issues and identify ways to address them effectively for peace and harmony.

Graduates of the various programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences will also develop a range of 21st Century employability skills, such as analysis and synthesis, working collaboratively in teams, critical thinking and problem-solving, and effective oral and written communication.  As a result, they will be able to follow diverse career pathways in various fields such as communication and design, banking, teaching, research, journalism and media.

We welcome you to join our various programs to discover your fullest potential to fulfill your dreams as well as to strive for a better tomorrow both for yourself and the future generations.

Dr. Shehla Najib Sidiki

Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences