To become the language center of choice in Pakistan.


To provide world class language learning opportunities and enriching environment to Ziauddin University students and the wider community for academic success and improved life chances; To contribute to the development of the English language teaching profession, and professionals, in Pakistan and the region.


  1. Provide high quality programs for learners with specific needs and goals at all levels, including the corporate sector.
  2. Provide an enriching and nurturing environment to learners to achieve their full potential
  3. Provide high quality learning and practice opportunities for enhancing English language skills for international examinations such as IELTS, SAT and GRE.
  4. Undertake high quality teaching, teacher training and cutting edge research on language teaching and learning.
  5. Develop a network of communication with ZU faculty offering language courses in other ZU faculties/colleges to assist them in curriculum and instructional planning and assessment.
  6. Support the ZU student community in developing their English language and critical thinking skills for academic study, and for improving their future life chances beyond the University.

Governance and Structure

The Language Center is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. The Center is led by a Director and runs independently under the supervision of the Dean. The Director manages the Center’s day-to-day operations as well as its finances and staffing.

The Center has an Advisory Board with internal members from each University faculty served by the Center and two external members representing the academia at large. The Advisory Board meets once each term.